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Africa gathers against G20 in Niono (Mali) from October 31st till November 3rd, 2011.

The increase of the crises into which are plunged the world these last years has respite to call to the peoples whose voices are never understood. Of meetings in meetings, the proposed solutions and the effects of announcement of the end of crisis, economic recovery appear more and more as deceits repeated to vote-catching purposes. It makes no more doubt that the system is bankrupt. The rescue renewed the European private banks and the recapitalization of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) to the detriment of the peoples are so many recent proofs of the contempt of the human suffering by the governments of the so-called savings the richest in the World.

One more time outside G20, the African peoples decided to gather and show their “ras-le-bol” in front of a slave and inhuman economic system and to reaffirm their solidarity with all the peoples in fights. African – not after three decades of crises of the debt that neither the institutions of Brettons Woods nor the countries considered as rich managed to resolve, are determined to make their voices listen in the world governance. The spark of the revolutions in Morocco, in Tunisia, in Egypt and the popular uprisings of the African peoples against their dictators-presidents imposed by the powers of G20, relaunching on the continent the unfinished movement of liberation of the peoples. Against the religion of the money and the profit, the peoples of Africa best demand to live and the respect for their sovereignty.

As the reconquest of Africa is in progress by means of the grapping of the lands, forests and mining resources on the continent, As new colonial wars repeat in Africa and in Asia, The peoples of the North, the South, the center, east, western and the African Diaspora gathers in the city of Niono to Mali for a Forum of the People to say together NO TO G20.

From October 31st till November 3rd, 2011, the peoples of Africa wait to renew their wishes and their requirements of another blanch, just, fair, united, and freed from all the forms of oppression.

No to G20! No to Debt! No to colonial wars!
Yes to the right for the sovereignty of the peoples on their natural resources and the wealth!
Yes to the life for all and of live together!

Kick away G20! kick away the system!

Niono, October 31st 2011

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