Alternative World Water Forum

FAME will focus particularly on illustrating the mobilization of citizen movements and civil society associations with numerous first-hand accounts from associations, experts in the field, and elected representatives from all over the world. We will share about:

  •  Agriculture and food security
  • Energy, raw materials and extraction
  • Health
  • Conflicts and geo-politics
  • Access to water and water quality
  • Right to water, social mobilisations/organisation of struggles and democracy
  • Public-private partnerships (PPPs), private management and finance
  • Alternative Technologies (or re-appropriated traditional methods)
  • Alternative and public management, Public-public partnerships (PuPs) and financing of public water and sanitation
  • Climate Change
  • Research
  • Culture
  • Women and Water

Currently FAME has received over 180 contributions from 50 different countries from all the continents.

Topics of workshops include:  Campaign against PPPs in water; Water and dams; Water and food security: fighting for social justice for farmers of the Global South; Water and energy; hydraulic fracturation; Debt: World Bank, the IMF and common goods; Strategies for resource management; Women at the centre of climate-friendly approaches to agriculture and water use.

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  1. Sani Baba says:

    Looking forward to Marseille and AFRICA will be there in full force