Alternative World Water Forum

The research area aims to offer space to researchers who are also “activists” (so socially involved in the change and in water campaigning) and give them the possibility to share their knowledge with other researchers and, mainly, with the public.

Three workshops related to research projects developed by researchers working in the field of public research (Universities, Institutions, Research centers…) will focus on water issues from different points of view and approaches.

From anthropology to sciences crossing, of course, media and communication, politics and economics therteen researchers (of different age and background) will report the results of their studies on water, and will discuss about them. We believe in the importance of sharing knowledge and experiences and in the role of research for our action.

On 16th March there will be workshops on the “Research” topic.

  • Friday 16 March from 10am to 12.30am, Dock des Suds D

Water education and media

There is a strong relationship between water and media: the first part of this workshop is focused on the different aspects of this relationship.

Speakers will intervene about both the negative and the positive use of media and communication technology concerning water issue: from how media mystify geopolitical issues about about water to how internet can be used to improve the sharing of knowledge and how images can be part of the process of building awareness.

On the other hand, and related to knowledge, the debate will also focus on the importance of youth education about water and on the active role of young people in the research about water issues.

  • Friday 16 March from 1pm to 6pm, Dock des Suds D

Economics, politics, law, culture and social sciences: water issues and alternatives

These two workshops cover a wide range of topics linked one to other by a couple of common issues related to the fights for water for different point of view and research approaches.

In the first part different examples of fights for water in Latin America will be presented, analyzing the context, the cultural aspects and the role of people. Two project concerning the mapping of world fights for the human right to water will be the conclusion of the first workshop.

The second workshop presents cultural and political and economical approaches to water issues related to privatization and fight against privatization. In the last part two experiences geographically distant (one in Catalonia and one in Palestine) about water problems.

The complete presentation of the workshops “Research”

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