Alternative World Water Forum

Conclusions & proposals – Workshop Marseilles – March 16th 2012.

Against fracking and shale gas, let’s build an European and international movement!

Gathered in Marseilles on Friday March 16 during the Alternative World Water forum FAME, we, activists and campaigners engaged in the struggle against shale gas in Bulgaria, Poland, Ireland, Germany, Spain, United States, France, etc. affirm our determination, our categorical opposition against all extraction of shale gas and every use of hydraulic fracturing on our territories.

As many examples indicate in the United States, Canada, England and elsewhere, the exploitation of shale gas has lead to countless cases of chemical and toxic pollution, health consequences for the populations, the wasting of drinking water, destroying lands, earthquakes, and major greenhouse gas emissions. We reject shale gas here and everywhere.

Following the civil society mobilisations, especially the protests of local people most directly concerned, hydraulic fracturing has been forbidden in hundreds of places on our planet.

To amplify these mobilisations, we engage ourselves to organise the following actions :

  • reinforcing the coordination of our actions at the European and international level ;
  • drafting a joint and international statement / petition against hydraulic fracturing;
  • coordinating a joint calendar ;
  • constructing a day of international mobilisation as soon as possible ;

The following dates have been mentioned :

  • March 17: National day of action in Ireland ; March in Marseilles (France);
  • April 8: Trafalgar of gaz and oil in La Seyne-sur-Mer (France) ;
  • May 5: International day against the tar sands
  • May 9: European forum in Brussels

(to be completed…)

Have contributed to the drafting or reviewing of this document:

Geert de Cock  (Food & Water Watch),  Maxime Combes (Attac France),  Vincent Espagne (collectif Plaines du Languedoc,  France),  Estelle Tardy (Collectif Causse Méjean, Lozère, France), Borislav Sandov (National civil committee against shale gas studies and exploration through hydraulic fracturing in Bulgaria,  Bulgaria),  Marta Rozmysłowicz  (Collectif Syrena, Poland), Rozenn Le Calvez (German local groups against fracking, Germany), Susan Griffin (Fracking Free Ireland, Ireland), Samuel Martin Sosa (Ecologistas en Accion, Spain)

For any contact :

  • Geert de Cock (Food & Water Watch),
  • Maxime Combes (Attac France),

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