Alternative World Water Forum

Marseille, France, 14 – 17 March 2012.

We are part of the different struggles against extractivism – exploitation of natural goods at industrial level – in all its forms (hydrocarbons including shale gas and shale oil, mining, big dams, agribusiness, etc.), coming from several countries from the Global South and Global North, and we recognize that we are part of the same fight, linked with all the struggles for water.

We denounce the criminalization of social struggles for water, the last example being the murder on March 15th of Bernardo Vasquez Sanchez who was fighting against mining companies in Mexico.

We denounce not only the extractivist transnational companies, but also the international financial institutions, international treaties and governments that support this model.

We demand that a International Criminal Court on Environment be created, to judge lese humanity crimes against the peoples.

Finally, we make a call to change our consuming patterns, to put an end to overconsumption and to the dogma of economic growth, which lead to the acceleration of extraction of natural goods.

Declaration of the “Water and extractivism” session

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