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On 14th March on occasion of International Rivers Day, Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum (PFF) has declared one year movement with the theme of “Restoration and freedom of Rivers.” Under slogan “Keep Rivers Free” the campaign started from 15th April 2012 will continue till 14th March 2013.

The slogan of Keep Rivers Free means that PFF wants ensure free-flow of rivers, and their freedom from dams, freedom from pollution, from privatization, from cuts, and freedom from green washing.

Objectives :

  • To build and strengthen networks within local, national, regional and international movovements working for protection and restoration of rivers sysyetm inorder to keep rivers free, and to protect and promote rights of communities that depend on healthy watersheds;
  •  To build up wide range of resistance on national level, against the destructive dam projects;
  • To promote alternative ways of meeting people’s needs for water and energy through research advocacy and lobbying;
  •  To sensitize people for no more dams, no more diversions and no more cuts on Indus River in future;
  • To strongly demand release of at least 35 MAF downstream to Kotri for protection of endangered Indus Delta;
  • To raise our voices for adoption of new water paradigm and restoration and keep free of Indus River;
  • To strongly demand for reparations for people affected by existing dams in Pakistan;
  • To mobilize, organize South Asian dams’ affectees and civil society’s on south Asian level forum;
  • Mass-mobilization on safe drinking water as fundamental human rights;
  • To connect the riparian communities, civil society with upstream communities and civil society for the sharing of issues each other.

The Pakistan Fisherfolk Forum is a non-governmental organization that works to advance the goal of social, economic, cultural and political rights of small scale indigenous fisher communities in Pakistan.

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