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Save Greek Water ! : Alternative World Water Forum

Alternative World Water Forum

The Initiative for the non-privatization of water in Greece was founded in July 2012 in order to oppose privatization of water and its distribution. This Greek citizens’ initiative is trying to create a unified reaction to the forthcoming privatization of EYDAP (Athens) and EYATH (Thessaloniki) which are the two biggest water companies in Greece. There is enormous pressure on society and the task is difficult due to unstoppable austerity, cuts and the deterioration of all social state structures.

It is rumored that the greek government could organize a sell-off at 200 million euros, while EYDAP assets represent approximately $ 7.5 billion. The press even states that the payment could be made in greek bonds (this means 20% of 200 millions). In addition, there are a lot of debts from municipalities and other public sector companies towards EYDAP, meaning that this particular privatization will perhaps not even generate any money. If this happens with such conditions, it constitutes a fraud against public sector…

These are the Troika policies forcing the Greek government to privatize water supply companies. That is why the Initiative thinks that it is important to coordinate at the European level and calls on associations in Europe to co-sign its petition (send a message at savegreekwater@gmail.com).

The petition in english

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