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This tuesday evening, Ydelso Hernández of the Comando Unitario de Lucha de Cajamarca (Peru), presented to representatives of the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), a preliminary injunction and a petition for a meeting on the Conga mining project.

Our goal in Lima is to present a paper to the IACHR. We have asked for a working meeting on 30 and 31 October in Washington where we want to describe the current situation in Cajamarca, and tell them about all the abuses of the police who harass the ronderos farmers,” said Hernández.

The lawyer Zulma Villa of the Instituto Internacional de Derecho y Sociedad (IIDS), accompanied them in his capacity as advisor to the persons affected by this socio-environmental conflict related to a mining project which would destroy a series of lakes, rivers, springs and groves.

The farmers’ rondas defend their rights against the economic interests imposed by the mining company Yanacocha. As IIDS, we have supported the farmers’ rondas for a long time,” said the lawyer Zulma Villa.

She gave details of the strategy in this international dispute: “Our goal is to strengthen the collective. Farmers’ rondas have provided the IACHR with updated information. It is important that this international organization is informed of all the abuses against peasant communities,” she said.

The Vice-President of the IIDS, Raquel Yrigoyen, confirmed that the case of Conga has already been submitted to the IACHR. “The petition and the preliminary injunction have been presented. The admissibility is slower, but the IACHR can evaluate the request in the next session.

She also said that the case could be brought before the Inter-American Court of Human Rights (Corte IDH). She added, “Conga can also be submitted to the Court but the IACHR must first formally declare the admissibility.

As we know, since 8 October, thousands of peasants from Celendín and Bambamarca are camping in the lakes near the Conga mining project of Yanacocha. Tuesday morning, nearly 400 policemen of DINOES encircled the ronderos who fear possible clashes.

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