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Many of us are suffering every day the impacts of water privatisation. In Catalonia the monopolist and for-profit approach water service is widely extended, having most of the municipalities their water service privatised and managed by Agbar, subsidiary of the french multinational Suez. The contempt and impacts of Suez all over the world is well-known for all of you, with some rellevant examples like the cancellation of the contracts in Buenos Aires (Argentina), Córdoba (Argentina), La Paz y El Alto (Bolivia), Atlanta (UEA), París (France), etc, or the strong opposition in El Saltillo (Mexico), Johannesburg (South Africa), Jakarta (Indonesia) or Manila (Philippines), among many others.

However, in Barcelona its situation is totally irregular and this is our opportunity. As a court sentence showed in 2010, “there is no allocation of the service nor contract” between Suez-Agbar and the administration. This fact has major consequences since “the performance of Agbar as the awarded company for the service is illegitimate”, and hence the “price is illegal”. Being this not enough the sentence stated that we are in front of a “general fail of the proceddings guarantees that assist the users of the service”.

To face such situation and after having received the silence of the administration as their unique answer, showing the subordination to the privates interests and connivance with it, we have delivered this report to the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office with potential evidences of malfeasance and nonfeasance made by the City Council of Barcelona and the Area Metropolitana de Barcelona, and with potential evidences of illicit appropiation made by Suez-Agbar.

But to defend and support the citizens from this injustice we need your help. We are collecting online signatures to support our call. So we encourage you to sign the manifesto of support HERE. And we ask you to forward this petition wherever you go, or by email, Twitter, Facebook, etc. We need to turn the silence of the administration into peoples’ scream!

Water, as Life, are not a commodity !

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