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Shareholders and leaders of Antofagasta Minerals, which owned Minera Los Pelambres, express a viewpoint on the situation in Caimanes (Chile), severely affected by their investments.

The June 12, 2013 in London, at the General Assembly of Antofagasta Minerals PLC -Chilean company listed on the stock exchange in London- were present European and Chilean citizens through London Mining Network organization. They tried to get answers from the directors of the company on the serious problems affecting Cayman community about the dangers of the Mauro tailings dam, its impact on water, violations of the rights of the people and patrimony and social criminalization practices. But the leaders of the Antofagasta Minerals company gave no serious response to the concerns of citizens in solidarity with Caimanes. In a video filmed at the end of the meeting, shareholders and directors give their viewpoints on the situation in the village of Caimanes.

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