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For immediate release – 30th July 2015.

Ghana Water Company Limited should immediately withdraw “Pay before drinking” prepaid water policy… nationwide resistance imminent.

The Water Citizens Network of Ghana wishes to state its disappointment to a reckless and an insensitive statement reported by the Ghanaian Chronicle to have been made by the Acting Managing Director of the Ghana Water Company Limited to the effect that from August 2015 access to water for the population “is going to be pay and consume” instead of “consume and pay later”. We are alarmed by the weight and consequence of the statement which completely ignores the human rights context of water provision and the core responsibility of the state to use tax contributions of citizens to support the provision of basic essential services including water. We call on civil society organizations committed to the principle of the human right to life and the inviolability of the human life to condemn the statement of the Managing Director and to join the call for a rescission of the “pay before drinking” prepaid water policy.

We do acknowledge and are sensitive to the challenges facing GWCL at ensuring sustainable delivery of quality and universally accessible water to consumers. However, introduction of prepaid meters is not a sustainable means of ensuring access for all, rich and poor. Our position against privatization was to guide against reckless market policies such as this which ignores human rights concerns in the pursuit of profit. If the World Bank, who we believe are behind this policy still aspires for privatization of water through prepaid metering, we register our resolve and commitment to stand resolutely for the human right to water and against prepaid water meters.

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