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For three days, a blackish water flows from taps in the city of Mbour, Senegal. The population is forced to buy bottled water for consumption. At the request of ADDEA (association for the defense of water and sanitation) and the Senegalese Social Forum, a bailiff reported that the water distributed by the Senegalaise Des Eaux (SDE) was undrinkable, offering the possibility of a legal complaint.

Eau du robinet à Mbour - photo Serigne Sarr

Senegalaise Des Eaux is an entity of Eranove Group, a subsidiary of ECP, an investment fund dedicated to public-private partnerships in Africa. Controlling the operation, former leaders of SAUR and directors of AXA. This fund has “risen” over 2 billion US $. The communication of the private equity focuses on the lack of competition (sic) in the sector and the de-correlation to global capital markets. The result, shown in the photo of Serigne Sarr above, is the efficiency as conceived by the shareholders of the public-private management in Africa. Nevermind the institutional arrangement “advised” by the World Bank and the French Development Agency in the field: “independent” administrative authority for the regulation, but in fact dependent on the executive and investors, public company for the assets, and private company for operation. Users anywhere. It is these financial arrangements that will be discussed in Marrakesh during the COP 22 to address global warming through the development of “green” economy.

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