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Hundreds of people gathered outside the White House last week before Trump’s address to Congress to remind him that they’re resisting his divisive agenda. In the disastrous first month of his presidency, Trump’s policies have targeted women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community and immigrants — not to mention our environment. In his speech, he doubled down on fossil fuels and rolling back regulations that industry doesn’t like.

Now, he’s also coming for our water.

Reports surfaced that Trump’s proposed budget would gut the EPA — cutting up to $2 billion from the agency’s budget, sacrificing as many as 3,000 employees (so much for his promises to create jobs). He also rolled back key protections for air and water.

In his speech, Trump promised to launch a new program to rebuild and repair our crumbling infrastructure. However, true to his limited, yet troubling track record, his plan will mostly benefit his corporate cronies, doing nothing to help America. In fact, it may just divide us even more.

Not surprisingly, his plan is nothing short of a privatization scam — a give-away to big banks — the ones that were “too big to fail” but failed nonetheless. It would give massive tax breaks to Wall Street investors and corporations to privatize our water systems and other critical infrastructure, leading to rate hikes and job loss, while sacrificing transparency and accountability. It will do nothing for cash-strapped cities like Flint, Mich., whose water is still not safe to drink without a proper filter (after nearly three years) nor will it help those who rely on wells and septic tanks.

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