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The action group was created in 1996, the area concerned is all over Pakistan. The group is composed by civil society, organizations and individuals.

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Umeedenao Citizen Community Board
P-746 Banni Rawalpindi Pakistan

Field of action
Quality and water conservation against industrial and agricultural pollution,  access and use of water resources and  water privatization.

Historical background
In 2003, our NGO came to know about ADB loan (Asian development Bank) to Rawalpindi water and sewerage Authority (RWASA). When we got details it was horrible. Rwasa has completed its 1st phase which included expansion of NULLAH LEI ( A sewerage canal running between the city) in that phase RWASA displaced thousands of people and made big mistakes. In the 2nd phase ADB suggested to privatize the water system. We opposed the project.
We start advocacy campaign at National level and also engaged NGO Forum on ADB. We mobilized the community at city level and affected areas. We talked to ADB official and Governement, officials also. We got help of local representatives and used media. After all ADB closed that project on the grounds which we mentioned.

Actions taken
-Formation of Citizen group consisting individuals and NGOs
– Mobilization of people at city level
– Contact with International Networks
– Arranged seminars and engaged media and local representatives to put pressure
– Contact with Governement and ADB officials

Skills offered by the group
We can share that How a Successful Advocacy Campaign carry out a result.


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