Forum Alternatif Mondial de l'Eau

SAVEGREEKWATER was created in june 2012 and is active in Athens, Greece.


Maria Kanellopoulou, Efi Spyropoulou

savegreekwater @ gmail . com (remove the spaces)

Field/s of the struggles or alternative initiatives

Water and sanitation management. Access and use of water resources.

Historical context of the struggle/s

With the second memorandum Greece was obliged to privatise the two public water companies of Athens (EYDAP) and Thessaloniki (EYATH). After a successful struggle of 2,5 years the privatization was stopped after a massive publicly organized referendum and a favorable high court decision. Minority stocks are still in danger of being sold as part of the third bailout signed by the current PM.

Actions that have been carried out to date

Political work at EU, national and municipal level; campaign material production; organization of events; press releases and interviews; participating in the public debate in Greece and abroad; participation as speakers in several international meetings.

Offered skills

Campaign methodology
Information about the Greek privatization procedure
Political strategy