Alternative World Water Forum

The Inter Press Service reports, “Organisers of the Alternative World Water Forum (known by its French acronym FAME), which will take place simultaneously as the World Water Forum, see the Forum as an outmoded apparatus, lagging woefully behind a growing movement for ‘water justice’ around the world.

If the right to water was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on July 28, 2010, it is not thanks to the (World Water Forum). Rather, it is thanks to our fight and to social movements”, Jean-Claude Oliva, water expert and active participant in FAME, told IPS. He criticised the failure of the 2009 WWF in Istanbul to include ‘access to water’ as a basic human right in its final declaration, a formula demanded primarily by a block of Latin American states.”

Though it has been announced that the upcoming Forum will officially recognise this right to water in its next declaration, many believe that this is simply a media strategy, designed to co-opt the idea as its own and appear more inclusive of civil society. However, these moves have done little to change the Forum’s reputation as ‘a Davos of Water”, said Laurent Flety, local organiser with FAME, referring to the World Economic Forum that is notorious for being a talking shop, resulting in little concrete action.

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