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Report on the current status of the ILISU Project : Alternative World Water Forum

Alternative World Water Forum

September 11, 2017

Report on the current status of the ILISU Project
and Hydroelectric Power Plant Project and HASANKEYF

by Initiative to Keep Hasankeyf Alive

This reports includes the general description and the current situation of the Ilisu Dam and Hydroelectric Powerplant Project. It gives the basics for interested people working politically on the Ilisu Project, one of the most controversial dams worldwide as it would lead to grave social, cultural and ecological impacts in a larger region.


The Ilisu Project on the river Tigris is the largest hydroelectric power plant planned or under construction by the Turkish government. Initiated in 1997, it is a key part of the large scale ‘Southeastern Anatolia Project’ (GAP), in the mainly Kurdish populated southeast of the Republic of Turkey. GAP consists of 22 large dams with a capacity of 8000 MW/h and the planned irrigation of 1,8 Mio. Ha. Land. The 1200 MW and 2 billions Euro project would flood with a height of 138 m the Tigris on a stretch of 136 km and an area of 313 km².

The first Ilisu Consortium collapsed in 2002, but has been revived in 2005 with the involvement of German, Swiss and Austrian companies which applied for export credit guarantees in their states. The following years over the finance from Europe have been highly controversial until in July 2009 the Export Credit Agencies (ECA) of Germany, Austria and Switzerland, made an unprecedented step, by suspending the credit guarantee due to the Turkish failure to comply with required environmental, social and cultural heritage conditions. However, the Turkish state and the Ilisu consortium organized new financing and started the construction of the project in 2010.

Map of the area affected by the Ilisu Project

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