Alternative World Water Forum

The World Water Forum Marseille 2012, Istanbul 2009, Mexico 2006, Kyoto 2003, The Hague 2000, Marrakech 1997: Veolia… Suez… Saur… Public Private Partnerships… Price of Scarcity… Cost Recovery… Suez… Veolia… Big Dams… Desalination… Making the Users Pay… Bechtel… Veolia… Water is a Commodity…

Have you had enough of hearing the same arguments again and again ?
Have you had enough of hearing the same voices, those of multinationals and the most powerful states again and again ?

Help us let other voices be heard !
Those of the peoples, those of public management, those of the right to water and democracy, those of the environmental movement, those of associations, those of women…

Support FAME, the Alternative World Water Forum in Marseille in 2012 !

The collected funds will be used exclusively towards the organization of FAME (rentals, transport, translation, communications…).

The funds are collected by the organization committee of the FAME. The legal structure organizing the individual donation funds is the Coordination Eau Ile-de-France . Donations can be done online or by sending a cheque through the post.

Online donation

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Donation by sending a cheque

Please address cheques to FAME (IBAN: FR76 4255 9000 0241 0200 2083 938), to be sent to the following address :

Edith Felix, 135 avenue Anatole France, 93 170 Bagnolet (France).

For any questions regarding funding, please contact Edith Felix , Coordination Eau Ile-de-France.

All contributions are welcome, little streams can create big rivers… and come to Marseille, to FAME, let your voices be heard !