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Italians went to vote for the National Referendum on 12th and 13th of this month and the required quorum was reached with more than 57% of prospective voters actually at the polls. All questions – water privatization, nuclear plants and a political shield in favor of Government – got a very high percentage of affirmative ballots, about 95%. From now on it will not be compulsory for local Governments to privatize water and other public utilities and private profits will not be garanteed per law any more. Moreover, nuclear power has been once again rejected by the Italian citizens, and the Government’s members, including the Prime Minister, may not avoid prosecution owing to the duties of office.

This historical vote has been won despite all kinds of boycotting actions by the media and the National Government, thanks to a massive popular mobilization: banner drops, critical bike rides, workshops, information booths, film screenings, use of social networks and facebook, naked running through the streets, singers in the metro, a number of artists committed to the cause, flash mobs, and a door to door, neighbour to neighbour, person to person, grass roots effort. This has been a victory of, by and for the people under no party banner.

Moreover, it proves that this is the time to change the discourse in Italy. This victory should be recognized as a clear signal that Italians are fed up with the ineptitude of the political leadership in the country and are ready for direct democracy to confront the serious issues affecting the citizenry. Italy, a rich country in the heart of Europe, has entered a new path of confrontation and discussion on commons, on community-based ways of managing them and on a new form of participation in our democracy. It’s a tough task and lots of work has still to be done but the Italian water movement is ready for the challenge.
Thank you all for supporting our cause!

We are well aware that struggles against the privatization of water are going on in many countries in the world and we wish to express all our support and solidarity. Indeed our victory is not only for Italy, but in favour of a new discourse on water management and other commons all over the world!

— The Cevi group – Italian Forum of Water Movements

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